We all need some help once and a while. That’s why we’ve gathered some local experts to answer your WordPress and SEO questions during Saturday’s MN Blogger Conference.

You’ll find them in The Resource Room, Room 217 in the Library Technology Center. It’s conveniently located near Breakout Rooms 2 & 3 and will be open from 10am – 2pm.

The WordPress Help Desk is sponsored by Word & Image. Word & Image offers WordPress consulting, support, and training services, and their staff contributes to the WordPress.org Marketing team. They are standing by to arm bloggers with basic WordPress info and resources, answer basic questions, and look at specific blog issues.

The SEO help desk is sponsored by MnSearch. The Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association strives to help businesses and individuals keep a pulse on the latest news, trends, tactics and tools. A non-profit organization founded for and by search marketing geeks, MnSearch aims to raise the standards and awareness of search in Minnesota. Whatever level you are at, they can offer advice, answer questions, and help demystify your SEO issues.

We thank both Word & Image and MNSearch for their support and the ability to offer this free service to our attendees!

Photo by marc falardeau on Flickr

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