Get the slides from our 2017 MNBlogCon presenters!

We will continue to update this list as presentations are made available.

Morning Keynote

Arik Hanson – Growing Your Blog is All About…

10am Breakout Sessions

Suzanne Yang Jaochico – Utilizing Your Heart to Grow Your Blog

Joel Carlson – “Green” Blogging: How to Stretch Your Content Further by Repurposing It

Fatema Karim – Strategies to Grow Your Email Subscribers and How to Retain Them

11am Breakout Sessions

Donna Hup – How to Control Your Content Instead of the Other Way Around

Lisa Baker – From Trade to Paid: How to Move Beyond Free Product and Earn Dollars for Your Influence

David Carlson – Hiring Writers & Freelancers: How to Leverage Others to Increase Your Capacity

1pm Breakout Sessions

Tony Tellijohn – Google Search Console 101: Setup & Insights to Grow Your Blog

Joshua Nite – From SEO-Driven Content to Content-Driven SEO: The Bright Future of Creative Content

Reelika Schulte – Build Your First High Converting Sales Funnel

2pm Breakout Sessions

Haley Nelson – 5 Mistakes Even the Most Experienced Bloggers Make With Their Content

Andy Jacobson – Me, Myself, and Them: Building a Loyal Blog Audience by Writing for Yourself

Tyler Olson – Just Because You Build It, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

Closing Panel

Ask the Experts – Video recording coming soon!

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