Have you met RedCurrent yet?

It’s about time.

RedCurrent is the newest player on the scene in the Twin Cities, and we’re proud to announce them as a sponsor of the 2014 MN Blogger Conference. They are in pre-launch mode for the RedCurrent App, which boasts a robust platform that captures every calendar, schedule, and event – they best part being that it integrates with the calendars you already use!

Their platform helps you get information around schedules and events in one place. You can pull events into your calendar, have events pushed out to you, or follow event organizers you’re interested in. There’s also a benefit for event organizers, since RedCurrent helps them deliver structured, high-quality event communications to their current and potential attendees.

Although the app is still in pre-launch phase, RedCurrent has already made a splash on the blogging scene by covering the stories & people behind events in the Twin Cities. They recognize that everyone involved in an event has a different story to tell, and they want to present those stories in a beautiful & thoughtful way to their readers.

Two of our favorite recent posts:

As RedCurrent continues to develop event content for their platform in preparation of their app launch, their blog stories have become an essential tool in building their brand’s voice and gaining awareness of their brand in the Twin Cities events community.

We’re proud to have RedCurrent as a sponsor of MN Blogger Conference, and can’t wait for you to meet them on October 25th!

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