Breakout 1 (BEC)Breakout 2 (LTC 214/215)Breakout 3 (LTC 218/219)
8:15-9:00am Registration, Coffee & Networking
(Pearson Common)
9-9:50Welcome & Keynote
by Arik Hanson
(Breakout 1)
10-10:50Free WordPress & SEO Help Desks open (LTC)Utilizing Your Heart to Grow Your Blog
by Suzanne Yang Jaochico
(Breakout 1)
“Green” Blogging: How to Stretch Your Content Further by Repurposing It
by Joel Carlson
(Breakout 2)
Strategies to Grow Your Email Subscribers and How to Retain Them
by Fatema Karim
(Breakout 3)
11:00-11:50Discounted Headshots by Gimpses of Soul open (11:15, Pearson Common)How to Control Your Content Instead of the Other Way Around
by Donna Hup
(Breakout 1)
From Trade to Paid: How to Move Beyond Free Product and Earn Dollars for your Influence
by Sonal Gerten and Lisa Baker
(Breakout 2)
Hiring Writers and Other Freelancers: How to Leverage Others to Increase Your Capacity
by David Carlson
(Breakout 3)
1:00-1:50Google Search Console 101: Setup & Insights to Grow Your Blog
by Tony Tellijohn
(Breakout 1)
From SEO-Driven Content to Content-Driven SEO: The Bright Future of Creative Content
by Joshua Nite
(Breakout 2)
Build Your First High Converting Sales Funnel
by Reelika Schulte
(Breakout 3)
2:00-2:505 Mistakes Even the Most Experienced Bloggers Make With Their Content
by Haley Nelson
(Breakout 1)
Me, Myself and Them: Building a Loyal Blog Audience by Writing for Yourself
by Andy Jacobson
(Breakout 3)
Just Because You Build It, Doesn't Mean They'll Come
by Tyler Olson
(Breakout 2)
3:00-3:45Ask The Experts - Panel/Q&A
w/ Donna Hup, Jen Jamar, Tyler Olson, & Tony Tellijohn
(Breakout 1)
3:45-4:00Closing Remarks
(Breakout 1)
5:00-6:00Social Hour at Green Mill Restaurant & Bar
(57 Hamline Ave S, St Paul)

Breakout 1 (Buenger Education Center)
Breakout 2 (Library Technology Center, Rooms 214/215)
Breakout 3 (Library Technology Center, Rooms 218/219)

Registration/Information (Pearson Common)
Selfie Station
Coffee, Water, Tea

Discounted Headshots By Glimpses of Soul (Pearson Common)
11:15am – 3pm

Resource Center (Library Technology Center, Room 217)
WordPress Help Desk, SEO Help Desk — 10am – 2pm

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