Joel Carlson


“Green” Blogging: How to Stretch Your Content Further by Repurposing It

Who doesn’t want to save time while also being effective with their blogging efforts? Nobody. But how to do that? This session will demonstrate how to take current blog posts and repurpose them into new blog posts, social media posts and content while at the same time keeping your SEO engine revved up and running. We’ll also learn how to create NEW blog posts that will lend themselves to being repurposed in the future. “Green” blogging will become your new way of thinking and working!

Recommended/helpful audience prerequisites: Advanced session — Has an established blog and is looking how to do more with their current content and be more effective with new content.

Key session takeaways: Ideas for taking existing content and repurposing it. Tips for incorporating social and SEO tactics when repurposing content. How to create new content with “green” blogging in mind.

About Joel

Joel (@joelecarlson) is a Social Media Strategist with over 8 years of experience working with both Fortune 500 companies and local businesses. He enjoys developing innovative ways of sharing messaging and content and has a passion for creating both written and visual content, specifically photography and videos. With a social media marketing background in fitness, technology, construction, retail and healthcare, he’s able to connect and engage with a vast audience of consumers.

He also has a far-reaching networking system that he’s established via both his Twitter and YouTube interview series and has built a strong reputation as the go-to guy for last minute brainstorming sessions. Additionally, he enjoys teaching others how to use a variety of social media platforms to their advantage.

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