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Hiring Writers and Other Freelancers: How to Leverage Others to Increase Your Capacity

Do you create all the content on your site? Are you questioning whether you will be able to keep up with your blog long-term? Or even worse, are you on the brink of burnout? Learn how to go about hiring writers and other freelancers who can help you avoid burnout and provide you with the capacity to focus on the things that will push your blog and brand to the next level.

Recommended/helpful audience prerequisites: Already have a blog established and blogger is doing all or almost all the work themselves (i.e. all the writing, graphic design, social media management, etc.)

Key session takeaways: Attendees will learn how to go about hiring freelancers who will take work off their plate and create capacity for them to focus on the important things that will help them take their blog and brand to the next level. They will hear tips and best practices for finding freelancers, on-boarding freelancers, and managing freelancers. David will lace in stories from his 4+ years of experience hiring and managing contributors and freelancers on his blog, and how outsourcing work has allowed him to pursue bigger projects that he otherwise would have had time for.

About David

David (@DavidCarlson1) is the founder of the millennial personal finance blog Young Adult Money and author of the book Hustle Away Debt which is focused on helping people pay off debt faster through side hustles.  His media appearances include NBC’s KARE 11, The Washington Post, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and Lifehacker, among others.  He has worked on countless content marketing campaigns for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500.

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