ClockworkA conference isn’t a conference without some swag, right? And we had some of the best thanks to ClockWork.

They hooked up every one of our attendees with their sleek and shiny, signature black notebooks and helped us start the day right. Not to mention providing a means to capture some of the avalanche of awesome our speakers shared during the day.

We can’t thank them enough for supporting MN Blogger Conference and helping our attendees feel special. Feel free to tweet your thanks to @Clockwork_Tweet.

#mnblogcon swag. No biggie.

A photo posted by Aimee Farley (@whyileftmyjob) on

Taking some paper notes today! #mnblogcon #oldschool

A photo posted by Katie Cummings (@katie_lf) on

Awesome notebooks from @clockworktweet @nylons 🙂 #mnblogcon

A photo posted by Erica Hanna (@meet_erica) on

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