2014 #MNBlogCon Recap Roundup

2014 #MNBlogCon Recap Roundup

As the sun sets on the 2014 MN Blogger Conference, we dust off our boots and mosey on over to the campfire to reflect on all we’ve learned. Then we blog about it. We’ve corralled the following posts so far and will add more as we find them.

Have one of your own to share? Give us a holler.

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Thank you ClockWork!

Thank you ClockWork!

ClockworkA conference isn’t a conference without some swag, right? And we had some of the best thanks to ClockWork.

They hooked up every one of our attendees with their sleek and shiny, signature black notebooks and helped us start the day right. Not to mention providing a means to capture some of the avalanche of awesome our speakers shared during the day.

We can’t thank them enough for supporting MN Blogger Conference and helping our attendees feel special. Feel free to tweet your thanks to @Clockwork_Tweet.

#mnblogcon swag. No biggie.

A photo posted by Aimee Farley (@whyileftmyjob) on

Taking some paper notes today! #mnblogcon #oldschool

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Awesome notebooks from @clockworktweet @nylons :) #mnblogcon

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Speaker Slides

Speaker Slides

We’ve collected the following slides and related resources from our 2014 MN Blogger Conference speakers . We’ll add more as they are made available.

Lee Wolfe BlumBlogging Blunder: How to build your blog as a platform for book sales (slides)

Kristen BrownPitch Yourself for Exposure & Growth: 5 Ways to Connect with Media & Event Planners to Build Your Audience (slides)

Adam DinceGoogle & People-Friendly Blogging (SlideShare)

Jeff FerrazzoEngagement Marketing: Building relationships that drive blogging success (slides)

Tai GoodwinVisual Marketing (SlideShare)

Erica HannaVlogging: Confessions of a media professional (Presi)

Katie KonrathBlogging for the Brain (SlideShare)

Lee OddenBlogs as a Marketing Tool: How to be the “Best Answer” (SlideShare)

Nick RosenerTargeting: Grow Your Blog by Knowing Your Audience (SlideShare)

Christoph TrappeSeven Ways to Get Your Blogging Schedule Going (post, video, & slides)

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Who Wants Web Badges?

Who Wants Web Badges?

You’ve got your ticket to MN Blogger Conference. You’ve tweeted your excitement with the hashtag #MNBlogCon. You’ve planned your day around our rockstar lineup of speakers.

What else you can do to show the world how jazzed you are to attend MN Blogger Conference this weekend? By showing off one of these official conference badges on your site, of course!

2014 MNBlogCon Attendee

<a href="http://www.mnbloggerconference.com" ><img border="0" src="http://www.mnbloggerconference.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/mnblogcon14-attendee.png" alt="2014 MNBlogCon Attendee" /></a>

2014 MNBlogCon Speaker

<a href="http://www.mnbloggerconference.com" ><img border="0" src="http://www.mnbloggerconference.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/mnblogcon14-speaker.png" alt="2014 MNBlogCon Speaker" /></a>

2014 MNBlogCon Volunteer

<a href="http://www.mnbloggerconference.com" ><img border="0" src="http://www.mnbloggerconference.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/mnblogcon14-volunteer.png" alt="2014 MNBlogCon Volunteer" /></a>

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WordPress Help Desk will be available at #MNBlogCon

WordPress Help Desk will be available at #MNBlogCon

This year, the MN Blogger Conference is pleased to offer a FREE WordPress Help Desk staffed by experts from the Minneapolis/St. Paul WordPress User Group.


Throughout the day, you’ll be able to bring your computer over to the WordPress Help Desk for assistance with the things that happen behind-the-scenes with your blog. Need help installing or uninstalling a plugin? Having trouble getting your images to display correctly? Not sure if your content is backed up correctly? Our WordPress gurus will be able to help you with these questions and more.

The WordPress Help Desk will be staffed throughout the day and available to assist you between speaker sessions.

Image credit: Vero Pepperrell on Flickr