Tyler Olson


Just Because You Build It, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

Anyone can build a blog, but driving traffic there is what separates beginners from advanced bloggers. In this session, we’ll touch on writing content to answer questions people are searching for online. We’ll also talk about ways you can deeply push content to social media and augment your traffic with social advertising and blog syndication.

Recommended/helpful audience prerequisites: A blog set up, social channels created, and preferably some experience with social advertising or blog syndication.

Key session takeaways: Basics on choosing keywords to write content. Tactics to drive traffic to your blog. Relevant advertising types that augment blog traffic.

About Tyler

Tyler (@tyolson) is the Chief Executive Officer of SMCpros and a nationally recognized speaker on social and search. With over 250 social media speaking engagements in the last two years in front of over 25,000 people, Tyler is one of the most experienced social media and search presenters you will find. He is one of the most dynamic, data-driven, and experienced Gen Y speakers on social and search. Tyler will ensure that any audience leaves with new insights.

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