Tony Tellijohn


Google Search Console 101: Setup & Insights to Grow Your Blog

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a seemingly often overlooked free service provided by Google, which provides insights into your site’s presence in Google Search results. This session will explore how to set it up on your site, and what the most useful information may be for you as a blog owner to help your site grow.

Recommended/helpful audience prerequisites: Ideally for people who have their blog up and running. Would plan to spend just a few minutes showing how to setup Google Search Console, and most of the time going through some of the information in the Console, and how to use it.

Key session takeaways: How to setup Google Search Console, and integrate it with Google Analytics. How to find what keywords & pages are the driving the most traffic from Google, and where some new opportunities lie. Identifying technical issues with your site (that Google is interested in). Information on internal & external links on your site. Other information to be on the lookout for within Search Console

About Tony

Tony (@toonces51) A veteran of nearly 20 years in the digital space, Tony has developed and managed marketing digital marketing campaigns for nearly every type and size of company you can imagine. After starting his career on the client side, then spending 7+ years at various agencies, he co-founded digital strategy agency Aktion Interactive in 2012, and was a founding board member of MnSearch. In the little bit of spare time he has, he works on several personal blog/website projects.

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