Sonal Gerten and Lisa Baker


From Trade to Paid: How to move beyond free product and earn dollars for your influence

We all know how much resource investment (e.g. time and money) it takes to build influence on social media! It’s always a bonus to get free product in exchange for a post (especially for a brand/product we love), but sometimes it simply isn’t fair and equitable (and we get frustrated that we are undervaluing our worth).

In this workshop, we provide tips, advice and templates for monetizing your work – everything from determining how much to charge, how to approach brands, how to use influencer agency networks, how to score that first paid post, how to earn consistent income, and more. Learn from experts from the Twin Cities influencer community who have successfully been able to make the leap from trade to paid!

Recommended/helpful audience prerequisites: This workshop is meant for established micro-influencers (following of 1K+)

Key session takeaways: How to determine your worth (value of a blog post, FB post, Insta post, blog write-up etc.). The Brand Point-Of-View: mindset, expectations and why brands are cautious about paying influencers! Your sell sheet: what to include, what not to include. The ask – how to make it and how to follow-up. Working with agencies (and which ones we recommend)! The mistakes we made and how to avoid them. Case Studies: Great, good and not-so-great examples of brand/blogger partnerships

About Sonal

Sonal (@Tumblewalla) is a mom, Play Activist, aspiring yogi, co-founder of the Rocks, Paper Play Influencer Collective and founder of Tumblewalla – an organic line of baby and toddler-wear designed to inspire movement and improvised play. Sonal is passionate about issues that are facing our children and has spoken about the value of PLAY within the Twin Cities at Pacifier Stores, The Birth and Baby Expo, Birthing and Maternity Centers, and via TV appearances. She also enjoys helping other like-minded values-driven businesses grow through Tumblewalla Connect. Sonal currently publishes a blog promoting the value of play.

About Lisa

Lisa (@TCFrugalMom) is a mom, deal-seeker and money saver, founder of Twin Cities Frugal Mom, and co-founder of the Twin Cities Kids Club and the Rocks, Paper, Play Influencer Collective. Lisa and her husband enjoy sharing money-saving tips and deals with families in the Twin Cities. Passionate about collaboration between bloggers and businesses, she has successfully worked with hundreds of brands and companies. She has also appeared on various TV programs and is starting a new segment on saving money for families on the WCCO This Morning Show.

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