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From SEO-Driven Content to Content-Driven SEO: The Bright Future of Creative Content

From a content writer’s perspective, we tend to see SEO as something we add on after the content is done. You write the awesome creative stuff, then graft on keywords and optimization to please search engine bots.

As bots get smarter, though, they’re more able to predict human responses to content. Search engines want to serve content that will be valuable to humans.

That’s good news for writers! You don’t have to awkwardly shoehorn SEO on top of your content. SEO can be an organic part of the content creation process from concept to amplification. Even better: Creative, compelling writing that serves a proven search need will win out. Quality content makes people read it, share it, and link to it. All of these are ranking factors.

This presentation will detail how to research, create, and optimize content with built-in SEO.

Recommended/helpful audience prerequisites: Already have a blog up and running, to which you’re regularly posting content.

Key session takeaways: What human behaviors are now search engine ranking factors. How to research topics to find what your audience wants to know. Why meta descriptions matter and how to write a great one. Why it’s important to continue to optimize *after* you post, and how to do it.

About Joshua

Joshua (@nitewrites) is a Content Marketing Manager at TopRank Marketing, a comedy performer, and a devoted father of two. He writes regularly for the TopRank Marketing blog and for a stable of clients including Fortune 500 companies. Josh is dedicated to keeping content creative, personal, and just a little bit weird.

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