Haley Nelson


5 Mistakes Even The Most Experienced Bloggers Make With Their Content

Content is king. This is something we’ve all heard. But even the most experienced bloggers make common web content writing mistakes.

This session is all about writing for the web. This isn’t book writing. This isn’t newspaper or article writing. It’s a completely different form of writing that is all about formatting and organizing content in a way that accommodates how people read on the web.

I will cover common mistakes such as: your paragraphs are too long and your content isn’t organized well.

This session will help new and experienced bloggers grow their blogs by ensuring that their content is written effectively for the web. It will be fun and informative — I can’t wait to share this with my fellow MNBlogCon attendees.

Recommended/helpful audience prerequisites: No prerequisites, other than having a blog or writing for a blog.

Key session takeaways: How to write in a way that accommodates how people read on the web/mobile.

About Haley

Haley (@cheaprecipeblog) is a blogger at Cheap Recipe Blog and web content strategist with more than 12 years of experience. She has worked on more than 1,300 websites, optimizing copy to make it more readable and usable for the web. She is a former Betty Blogger on the Betty Crocker website and her work has appeared on Penny Hoarder, the Today Show website, Country Living magazine online, and more.

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